A quick introduction for how to use Masterchannel API

Welcome to the Masterchannel REST API!

Use the Masterchannel API for a fully customizable user experience on your platform. Our endpoints automatically scale to your needs so you don’t have to worry about usage quotas or usage policies.

After signing up as a partner, you will receive a CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET. These are your client credentials, and can be used with our Get Api Access Token endpoint to retrieve an access token for all other endpoints.

Step by step (Stereo Mastering)

  1. Obtain an access token through Get Api Access Token using your client credentials
  2. Register a webhook through Add Webhook
  3. Upload an audio file at Upload File
  4. Initiate mastering/preview of file through Initiate Master or Initiate Preview
  5. After you have received a webhook notification, get the results through Get Master Results or Get Preview Results


If you require any special features or further assistance

Please contact us at [email protected].