Analyze audio for potential issues


Beta endpoint

This is endpoint is in beta. That means parameters and response models can be changed at any time, without warning.


Beta endpoint - feedback

Let us know if there anything you would like this endpoint to analyse!

Return values

This endpoint returns potential issues for different audio qualities of the file. These issues are returned as arrays, meaning that an audio quality can have more than one issue.
If any of these arrays contain an issue, we believe there is good reason to master the audio file, and we will do our best to fix them.

Tonal Balance Issues

Read more about tonal balance here.

Return valueDescription
TOO_DULLThe audio has too much low frequency content, causing the file to sound boomy, muddy or dull
TOO_BRIGHTThe audio has too much high frequency content, causing the file to sound thin or tinny

Loudness Issues

Read more about loudness here.

Return valueDescription
TOO_QUIETThe audio overall is too quiet
TOO_LOUDThe audio overall is too loud

Max Peak Issues

Return valueDescription
CLIPPINGThere is one or more occurrences of clipping in the audio
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